From the Professional Video Motion Detector to Automatic Video Object Tracker
WMD Electronics Ltd. is a security company which develops and manufactures CCTV devices for surveillance systems.
We develops our products take in account of the special requirements of different fields of applications and industries.
Our products are distributed worldwide.

Scout Automatic Video Object Tracker
The Scout VTF-8S is an automatic video object tracking device that operates independently in a dome housing.
Digital Video Motion Detection, Video Content Analytics
  VMD960-MM Digital Video Motion Detector Mini Module
with Permanency Detection 
size less than 1/2 of a credit card
VMD960-MB Single Channel Version
Digital Video Motion Detector 
with Permanency Detection and Object counting
VMD960-8 Eight Channel, Modular Version
Digital Video Motion Detector
with Permanency Detection and Object counting  
Other Products
  VINS-1 Video Inserter VINS-1 Crosshair Inserter BMC-1 PTZ Motor Driver VMS8x8 Video Matrix, 8x8 Channel  
Dome Housing and Wall Mount Arm   Product Development  
  WMDBH-45 Dome Housing WMDBH-WMA Wall Mount Arm   We create tailor made solutions!  
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