Video Matrix VMS8x8
8x8 Chanel Version

• Eight video input, eight video output
• Simple to use from the front panel
• Simple push-button, with hardwired to the unit
• PC Parallel port for remote control

  VMS 8x8 Video Matrix was developed for CCTV application. Easy to use and has the capability to communicate with PC, ready for remote control.

The VMS 8x8 has eight independent inputs and eight independent outputs. Each Input can be rerouted to any Output.
Manual control uses the two push-button, located on the front panel.

Setup can be read from the front panel LED display, which shows the actual Output and the rerouted Input channel.
Changing the Output channel number on the front panel display, the Input display shows automatically the Input, routed to the actually
selected Output.

In order to modify the routing, first the Output must be selected, than selecting the Input channel, the routing will be changed.

The Channel routing are stored even in case of power loss.

The unit has two independent method for remote control
Simple push-button, with hardwired to the unit.
PC Parallel port for remote control.

Utilizing the PC remote control the unit can be used from simple manual system to computerized complex CCTV application.
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