Digital Video Motion Detector VMD960-MM

Single Channel Mini Modul Version

• Extremly small size (less than 1/2 of a credit card)
• Permanency detection (unattended or removed static object detection)
• Worldwide compatible Black & White, Color (PAL / NTSC)
• Easy setup via OSD menu
• 960 independently selectable sensing pixels
• Motion analysis
• Object size and image perspective analysis
• Direction Detection (LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN / ANY)
• 8+1 setup profile (including alarm zones and detection parameters)
• Variable lenght autoreset time
• Marking and following moving objects
• Sabotage Protection
• Alarm Lines in the VERTICAL BLANKING
• uP compatibility serial port
• Power supply: stabilized 5V DC (VMD960-MM/5)
.........................stabilized 3.3V DC (VMD960-MM/3.3)

(5V DC)
(3.3V DC)
  Our VMD technology eliminated the borders of shrinking VMD into a miniaturized camera.

The size of the VMD960-MM/5/3.3 Digital Video Motion Detector Module is less than 1/2 of a credit card, ready to integrate it into video cameras or any video surveillance equipment, where the space is limited.

The VMD960-MM/5/3.3 has a special combined motion and light analysis algorithm, which makes unnecessary the sensitivity setup, providing effective detection in changing enviroment.
VMD960-MM has 8+1 setup profile. It is possilbe to use different profiles at given time range. 

Permanency detection: the video motion detector module has abandoned package or stolen object detection feature. It is detecting abandoned packages. (railway stations, airports). Detecting objects removed from the scene (museum, exhibitions). Another application is detecting stopped cars on highway or detecting arriving or leaving cars at a parking lot.
Detected objects are surrounded by flashing frame until acknowledge. Alarm acknowledge could be manual, remote or automatic.
It is possible set minimal object size and perspective correction, too.  

VMD960-MM/5/3.3 is applicable for monitoring large OUTDOOR areas for detecting motion, based on Video Signal Analysis.
The VMD960-MM/5/3.3 can be used effectively for motion detection on large OUTDOOR areas, reducing the number of installed camera on site. Setup can be done with the external keyboard, or can be done through the serial port.

The Serial port 5V (3.3V) standard uP compatible.

Thanks of the small size of the VMD960-MM/5/3.3 it can be built into any video surveillance system or video camera. Especially application, where the video signal transmitted trough telephone lines, or any other data networks, the unit can be placed at the camera side of the network, eliminating the analysis of the accidentally noisy Image, thus avoiding false alarms. Using the VMD960-MM/5/3.3 before the Image compressor unit (needed for transmission) the analysis method will not be effected by any network transmission problem.
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