PTZ Motor Driver BMC-1
The BMC-1 is a telemetry receiver driver unit is for controlling pan/tilt heads and lenses (zoom, focus, iris). It receives control commands via serial port and provides driving current for the low current motors.

There are a green and a yellow indicator LED at the back panel displaying supply voltage and serial communication status. After switching on the blinking of the yellow LED means the address of the device (For example if it blinks 2 times that means the address is 2.)

The unit works from 12 VDC power voltage.
The camera driving voltage is lower than the incoming voltage with a diode voltage, the lens driving voltage is switchable between the camera driving voltage and 8 V DC.
The output voltages are provided by relays.   
The driving voltage is applied the required output when a controlling signal is received with the required polarity.  
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