Automatic Video Object Tracker VTF-8S
• Revolution of public surveillance
. Automatically - detect
-------------------- zooms
-------------------- tracks moving objects 
Recognizes moving objects
Closes-up onto targets
 Follows the motion of targets
Identifies more than one targets at the same time 
• It can monitor a large area (360 degrees) 
• It operates automatically, without remote control 
 There is no need for human dome control Permanency detection
..(unattended or removed static object detection)
• It is an independent unit mounted in a dome housing 
• It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
• ADT Sensormatic, BOSCH, Panasonic, Pelco protocol too 
Analogue or TCP / IP streaming transmission 
  The Scout is an automatic video object tracking device that operates independently in a dome housing. It searches for moving objects by analyzing the image of its built-in fixed wide-angle cameras, remote control the Dome camera, onto the target. It is capable of monitoring a large area, and provides a distinguishable close-up image of figures moving within it. This image can be used to take immediate action or for digital or analogue recording. It can identify movement that is too small (distant) to be easily recognized with by human eye. Another application is detecting stopped cars on highway or detecting arriving or leaving cars at a parking lot.  
Legacy Surveillance Versus Scout 
Advantages of the independence...

. Simple installation
When adjusting on the spot, only the video signal has to be taken to the monitoring center. No communication is needed between the Scout and the monitoring center.

. When adjusting through remote control, communication between the Scout and the monitoring center is only needed during the adjustments.

. The camera system of Scout is synchronized, therefore there is no image tearing on the video selector output.

Further installation advantages...

. It is reducing the installation cost, because in case of survellance large areas only a few video signal must be transmitted to the video control center. (one or two channel per Scout). It could be via coax cable, UTP, optical fiber, radio/microwave, laser, LAN/WAN, Internet, GSM, GPRS or satellite video signal transmission.

. The low number of the recorded channel reduces of the cost of video recording, and makes possible to increase the quality and the frame rate of the recorded video. 
(In case of digital video recording especially).
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