Specification VMD960-8
Eight Channel Version
Video input
1 to 8 channel 1Vpp/75 ohm, Black & White, Color
(PAL/NTSC, auto select), operating range 0.5 Vpp - 2 Vpp

EXT. Video Input
1 channel 1Vpp/75 ohm

Video output
1 to 8 channel 1Vpp/75 ohm, + 20% Window Signal

Selected video output
1 channel 1Vpp/75 ohm, +20% window signal+characters

• Channel number and ALARM symbols
• Covered camera optics: black bulb
• Menu at time of programming

password protected (8 symbols)

Programmable Functions of MODULE:
Number of settings: 8 + 1 (8 can be set)
Area selection: number of pixels: 1920
Movement analysis: 1 to 3
Object detection:
detection time 10sec. to 6min.
automatic acknowledge time: from 10 sec. to 9 minutes.
display: flashing frame
Object counting
line-crossing time: 0,5 sec. to 4 sec.
hourly and daily sum
Direction detection: OFF / RIGHT / LEFT / UP / DOWN
Minimum size = pixels x S (set of pixels) S = 1 to 32 valid for the whole entire screen
Maximum size= L, L=S+(2 to 32)
Image perspective
S = minimum size at the top of the selected area
S x P (set of pixels) = minimum size at the bottom
of the screen
L = maximum size at the top of the selected area
L x P (set of pixels) = maximum size at the bottom
of the screen
P=1 to 32
P=1 perspective OFF
Modes for screen display:
ON - the active field markings and the displaying oftheimage's changes are both visible.
CHANGE - only the image's change displaying is visible.
ALARM - only the alarming motion displaying is visible.
OFF - the displaying is switched off.

Time editor: time switching between the 1+eight settings
of the VMD960x2-M module:
• Weekly timing, program number 32
• The time based switching can be suspended.

Programmable function of alarm control center:
• Automatic stepping: 0 to 99 sec.
• Stepping of alarmed channels: 1 to 99 sec.
• ALARM audio indicator
• AUTO RESET: 0 to 99 sec.

Condition of Alarm
Movement, abandoned/removed objects, displayed by its own symbol.
• Video signal loss
• Covered lens
• Setup from menu

Alarm acknowledge
• AUTO RESET: 0 to 99 sec.

CH Alarm outputs
Open collectors for each channel, OPEN / CLOSED
selectable@max.100 mA

Alarm output
GND independent 2 Form C Relay 30V@300mA

Alarm signal
• On front panel LED
• Flashing zone on Monitor Display, each alarm type is alarm
. symbol and channel number, correcting symbol in case of video
. signal loss
• 7 line after equalizer pulse in VERTICAL BLANK (insert: ON/OFF)
• Audio Indicator

Alarm reset
• Auto
• Manual (front panel push button)

For remote control
WMD and Pelco protocol

Power requirement
+5V DC@1,0 A

Power unit

Operating temperature: 0°C to 55°C
Storage temperature: -25°C to 75°C
Humidity: 0-95% relative, non-condensing

320 x 200 x 45 mm (with adapters for RACK Mount application)

2,5 kg
WMD electronics Ltd.Office: H-1116 Budapest, Temesvár u. 20.Phone: +36 1 3710235Fax: +36 1 3710235E-mail: wmd@wmd.hu