WMD Technology...

• No sensitivity settings
• No zone sequencing for direction detection

  A WMD Technology Provides...

• Simple setup in outdoor application only detection area selection is required
• Permanency detection (unattended or removed static object detection) 
• World smallest professional outdoor motion detector module - size is less than half of a credit card, for building into any CCTV device
• The Scout Automatic Video Object tracker

  WMD Digital Video Motion Detector Property...

Our high resolution VMD960 family of Digital Video Motion Detectors was design especially monitoring large outdoor areas.

The VMD960 has a special combined motion and light analysis algorithm, which makes unnecessary the sensitivity setup, providing effective detection in changing environment.

In outdoor application, setup is simplified to detection area selection.

The whole Image is divided up to 960 or 1920 elementary pixels, the detection area could consist of any combination of the pixels. Alarm is triggered by movements inside the detection zone.  
The smallest selectable object size is 1/30th or 1/40th of the full screen height. The device displays the shape and the path of the moving objects.

Permanency detection: the video motion detector has abandoned package or stolen object detection feature. It is detecting abandoned packages (railway stations, airports). Detecting objects removed from the scene (museum, exhibitions). Another application is detecting stopped cars on highway or detecting arriving or leaving cars at a parking lot.
Detected objects are surrounded by flashing frame until acknowledgement. Alarm acknowledgement could be manual, remote or automatic.
It is possible set minimal object size and perspective correction, too.
Another new feature is counting objects crossing a line. Field of applications is including for example counting visitors entering a shop and traffic monitoring. Measured value of the line-crossed objects in each hour is displayed on the screen and available via RS232.

The VMD960 has object size and image perspective setup. Without perspectivity the selected object size is effective for the whole screen.
Image perspectivity is applied from the top to the bottom, increasing the actual object size towards the bottom of the screen. Both minimum and maximum object size could be selected. If both size limits are enabled, then alarm will be triggered only object between the minimum and maximum size.
Size filtering eliminates false alarms caused by small animals, moving trees and wind effects.

Direction detection is works on the entire screen, no need for sequenced zones according to detectable direction.

The VMD960 triggers the alarm in case of covering the lens of the video camera. In addition to displaying the alarms on the screen, detectors have built in direct alarm output. Some of the detectors have RS232 communication port, too.

Settings could be modified via OSD.

VMD960 has a serial port for remote control.
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