VINS-1 Video Inserter VINS-1
Worldwide compatible Black & White, Color (PAL - NTSC)
Built-in Character generator 
Variable text layout 
Variable text size/position
Variable figures
RS232 serial port controlled text

Weight of goods Weight of vehicles Temperature of furnace
The end user often wants to insert some kind of figure, text onto the monitor screen. In case of industrial complexes, supermarkets, hypermarkets, transportation projects, it is frequently necessary, that the operator could be able to see measured numbers of the measuring instrument on the monitor corresponding to the given device.  

For example to display the weight of a vehicle on the balance, the temperature inside of a furnace, the level of the liquid inside of a tank, the charge of an accumulator. It is also possible to insert time/date, static labels, figures onto the screen.

Barcode of goods

What are the benefits of the video inserter? The operator could see the measured results on the monitor screen. There is no need for additional wiring between the measuring device and the operation center.

The protocol of the desired device is provided by the custome.
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