VINS-1 Crosshair Video Inserter VINS-1
VINS-1 is capable to draw 4 distinct pictures (reticles). One large crosshair, ticklines for the crosshair, one Field-of-view (FOV) box, and a boresight reticle. The 4 pictures can be independently enabled/disabled to display.
The large crosshair is a full screen, open center crosshair and a small crosshair in the center of the opening. The size of the opening and the size of the small crosshair can be adjusted via serial commands

Ticklines are adjustable crosslines at right angles to the crosshair.
The Field-of-view box is a square box, with variable size.
The large crosshair, the ticklines, and the FOV box are movable together via serial commands.
The boresight reticle is also an open center crosshair, with variable outer an inner size. The position of the boresight is normally fixed at the center, but can be moved to anywhere on the screen.

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