Digital Video Motion Detector VMD960-8
Eight Channel, Modular Version

• Worldwide CCTV compatibility Black & White Color (PAL / NTSC)
• Permanency detection (unattended or removed static object detection)
• Object counting (visitors, vehicles, etc.)
• Each channel has its independent VMD960x2-M module (up to 8)
• Easy setup via OSD menu
• 1920 independently selectable pixel/CH
• Motion analysis
• Object size and image perspective analysis
• Direction Detection (LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN / ANY)
• Eight setups/module
• Autonom mode based on pre - written schedules even for weeks
• Summarized and Independent Alarm Outputs for each channel
• Selected and Independent Video Outputs for each channel
• Built-in Password and Sabotage protection
• Audio indicator
• RS232 serial port
• Table-top and Rack Mount available

  WMD's VMD960-8 eight cameras Digital Video Motion Detector consists of a maximum of 8 independent VMD960x2-M motion detector modules, an alarm control center and a timeable video selector. The adjustments can be made from the menu.The motion detector module is capable of storing eight active screen area patterns and adjustments. This means that on the Image of the same camera different screen areas can be activated for different periods of time. Such a time switching of the active screen area allows for example distinction according to working hours and non-working hours, daytime and nighttime, weekdays and weekends, or any sort of special needs.

The VMD960x2-M module has a special combined motion and light analysis algorithm, which makes unnecessary the sensitivity setup, providing effective detection in changing enviroment.

Permanency detection: the video motion detector module has abandoned package or stolen object detection feature. It is detecting abandoned packages (railway stations, airports). Detecting objects removed from the scene (museum, exhibitions). Another application is detecting stopped cars on highway or detecting arriving or leaving cars at a parking lot.
Detected objects are surrounded by flashing frame until acknowledge. Alarm acknowledge could be manual, remote or automatic.
It is possible set minimal object size and perspective correction, too.

One of the most important new feature is counting line-crossing objects. Field of applications is including for example counting visitors entering a shop and traffic monitoring. Measured value of the line-crossed objects in each hour is displayed on the screen and available via RS232.   

Programmable Auto step - Alarm step - Auto reset and also TIMED alarm can be set up from the On-Screen Menu. Automated Channel Test and Video Signal Detection on Power-On, eliminating complicated setup procedures.

The units detects sabotage action such as video cable cut, power cut and coverage of the camera's optics. Each channel has it's independent Alarm and Video output to control an external Video Matrix, Multiplexer or VCR.

A Built-in Audio Indicator and the Front Panel LED provide audible and visual warning.

All programmed information is protected from power cut.

The VMD960-8 can be Remotely controlled from the RS232 Serial Port, which makes it's application in complex computerized security systems simple.
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