About Us
  Our goal is to provide reliable Video Motion Detection and Video Content Analytics solutions for costumers and OEM partners.  We develop, manufacture and service our patented VMD960 Video Motion Detector series and Scout Automatic Video Object Tracker. We also provide consultancy in CCTV, especially video motion detection and video content analytics related problems.

The VMD960 family was designed using our state of the art technology, utilizing our 25 years of experience of VMD development. We created the world smallest VMD module, sized less than 1/2 of a credit card. The VMD960-MM is for building into any CCTV camera or any other product.

The Scout Automatic Surveillance System (VTF-8S) is the ultimate solution for effective, automatic surveillance of large, outdoor areas.
  Our products, including but not limited to

• Scout Automatic Video Object Tracker (VTF-8S)
• VMD960-MB (Single Channel Unit)
• VMD960-8 (Eight Channel Unit)
• VMD960-MM/5, VMD960-MM/3.3 (Mini Module)
• VMD960-Special (Special Application)
• VINS-1 Video Inserter

The VMD960 family of Digital Video Motion Detector from WMD electronics Ltd. has a wide range of installed base.


The products of our partners containing key elements manufactured by WMD Electronics Ltd. and our own products are installed world-wide.

We established business relationships in order to provide world-wide distribution.

We are analyzing the feedback received from our customers to provide the better and better solution for their requirements. 
We provide quality assurance from the development, throughout manufacturing to shipping and handling. The delivered products went through a thorough testing process to fulfill the quality and mandatory technical specification.
Thanks for our quality management process we provide 3 years exchange warranty on our product.

We hope our will meet with your requirements in building reliable CCTV systems, in order to create secure environment.
Best Regards

Sandor Waldmann
Inventor, Managing Director
Research & DevelopmentWMD Electronics Ltd.

WMD electronics Ltd.Office: H-1116 Budapest, Temesvár u. 20.Phone: +36 1 3710235Fax: +36 1 3710235E-mail: wmd@wmd.hu